Graduada Pitanga

Monique Greenwood, known in capoeira as Graduada Pitanga, has been training and performing Capoeira and Brazilian dance for over 13 years under the instruction of Mestrando Tigrão (São Paulo, Brazil). Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Monique first came in contact with Capoeira while traveling in Brazil and fell in love with the combination of martial art, music, history and physical expression. Upon returning to Canada, she joined Mestrando Tigrão in Calgary and continues to teach Capoeira and Brazilian dance all around southern Alberta for children and adults of all ages. Monique regularly travels to Brazil participating in events and workshops, and generating a wealth of knowledge of Capoeira, Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian popular culture. Monique believes that everyone not only achieves a new level of physical fitness through the practice of Capoeira, but also develops confidence and self-expression through body movement, self-defence and music.